Importing Contacts from Xero

If you have connected WorkflowMax to your Xero account, you can import your contacts, customers or suppliers from Xero into WorkflowMax.

WorkflowMax will import the customers you have in Xero now. New customers you add in Xero later will not automatically import to WorkflowMax.

Customers imported from Xero are added to your client list if their names are different from your existing clients in WorkflowMax.

Restrictions on importing

This import:

Before you begin

Before you can import any contacts from Xero, you must have successfully set up the interface between your WorkflowMax account and your Xero account. For further details, see Setting up the Xero interface.

Importing contacts

To import contacts, customers or suppliers from Xero into WorkflowMax:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Xero.
  2. On the Xero screen, select Import Contacts.

    The Import Contacts button is available only once the interface between your WorkflowMax and Xero accounts has been fully set up.

  3. In the Import Contacts pane, select the type of contact you wish to import. The default (and recommended) option is Customers and Suppliers. This option will import customers and suppliers from Xero to create new clients and suppliers in WorkflowMax.

    Where no sales or purchase invoice has been raised on a contact in Xero it is not classified as either a client or a supplier. When Import Contacts - 'All Contacts' is selected, any contacts not classified are imported as clients into WorkflowMax.

  4. Import. WorkflowMax will confirm the successful import.

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