Global Search

The WorkflowMax global search feature lets you quickly find information in the Name or Number field of a wide range of items including jobs, invoices, quotes and clients.

Using global search

  1. On any WorkflowMax screen, use the search icon Search icon to open the global search box.

    You can also use the forward slash (/) shortcut key to open the global search box.

  2. In the global search box, type the text you're looking for. WorkflowMax tries to match this text with text in the job, invoice, quote, client or other item's Name or Number field.

    Optimising your search:

    • When searching for a name, you need to enter at least the first three characters in any word of the name.
    • When searching for a phone number, you need to enter at least the first three digits in any group of digits.
    • When searching for an invoice, quote, purchase order or job number, you need to enter the number in full.
    • Apart from quotes and jobs, archived information is not searched.
    • Search results are restricted by your user privileges, so you may not see all the results you expect.
    • Any leads, quotes, jobs or invoices that match the search criteria will not be included in the results, if the client they are for has already been included.

    If necessary, results are grouped into categories (leads, quotes and jobs in this example screenshot).

    Results of global search

    • Press Enter to open the item displayed at the top of the results list.
    • Drill down on the Drill down on search catagory for more detail to display items in a category.
    • To open an item, just click it.

The Show more link

When displaying the global search results, the system will only list the first 10 results for each category. However, the count will include the total number of matching records.

If more than 10 results are found, the "Show more xxx" link (where xxx is Jobs, Invoices or another item name) will display at the bottom of each category.

Search results card

When the search returns only a single record, the system will display the "card" for that item rather than the standard search result listing. For example, if only one quote is returned, the quote card will be displayed, if one quote and one client are returned, then the quote list and the client list will be displayed.

When displaying the card for a client, prospect, supplier or contact, if there are no records for a section (invoices, for example), then that section is not displayed on the card. Drilling into a section will display all the active records for that section (draft invoices will not be included). Clicking on the "View all" link will redirect the user to the related tab on the client or contact details page.

There is no card display for client groups.

Remembering previous searches

If you're using a recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer or any browser that supports local storage, WorkflowMax will remember the last 10 search criteria you have used.