Using a Filter

To use a filterA filter provides a quick way to display only selected clients, invoices, quotes and work in progress based on pre-defined criteria. Once a filter has been selected, it becomes the default title for the page. Page titles that are also filter names are shown in blue text with a drop-down arrow, at right.:

  1. In the main menu, select the area in which you wish to use a filter:
    • Clients
    • Business > Invoices
    • Business > Work in Progress
    • Business > Quotes
  2. Select the down-arrow next to the page title. Names of available filters are displayed.

    The page title is the name of the filter currently in use (All Clients, All Invoices, All Quotes or Work in Progress by default). As soon as you select a filter, that filter name is used as the page title and will stay as the page title until you select another filter.

  3. Select the required filter. The filter is applied immediately and results displayed.

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