Exporting to Xero Payroll

Use these instructions to push the total weekly hours worked for each employee in WorkflowMax across into your Xero payroll.

Only the total hours input into WorkflowMax for this pay run are exported. The export will not push across individual time sheet records, overtime hours or annual/sick leave hours into Xero payroll time sheets.

This export routine is available only for Australian WorkflowMax accounts that have the Xero interface enabled.

Before you begin

Before you can use this feature, you'll need to:

  • create a new pay run in Xero payroll
  • make sure that the user who set up the connection to Xero has the Payroll Admin privilege (in Xero). If this is not set up correctly, you will get an error when you try to export payroll data.

Important notes

  • The dates of the time sheet entries you are exporting from WorkflowMax must lie within the start/end dates of the Xero pay run you select.
  • Time sheets cannot be exported for more than 25 employees at a time. If you need to export time sheets for more than 25 employees, export them in batches of up to 25, leaving unmapped the staff that have already been exported.
  • If you are using a pay template in Xero, each staff member will be paid based on that template. Any hours that are imported from WorkflowMax will override the earnings rate line items in the template. For example, if a staff member has two earnings rates lines set up in the pay template, the earnings rates lines will be replaced by the time imported from WorkflowMax.

Exporting to Xero payroll

To push total hours worked in one week to your Xero payroll:

  1. In the Business menu, select Timesheets > Export To Xero.
  2. On the Export To Xero screen:
    1. select a pay run from the Pay Run drop-down list. These are "open" pay runs in Xero.
    2. For each WorkflowMax staff member listed, select the corresponding employee in Xero. When you are mapping WorkflowMax staff members to Xero employees:
      • at least one staff member must be mapped to a Xero employee

      • multiple staff members cannot be mapped to the same employee

      • the system will remember the mapped employees and use the same mappings for your next export.

  3. Export. WorkflowMax will export the total time only for each mapped employee across to the selected pay run in Xero.

    The employee's base rate in Xero Payroll will be used and not their base rate in WorkflowMax.