Adding a Cost

Adding cost items to database (1 min 54 sec.)

To add a cost to the the Cost Admin databaseIn WorkflowMax, the costs of the products, materials or recurring expenses that you typically use while working on a job can be stored in the Cost Admin database (at Business > Settings > Costs). When you are working on an estimate, quote or job you can quickly access a cost from the database, simply by typing its name in the description field (on the cost information screen).:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Costs > New Cost.
  2. On the New Cost screen, provide the following information, as required.
    General Information

    A descriptive name for the item, such as Cat 6 ethernet cable, mileage or hot water cylinder.

    Unit Cost

    The cost per item.

    Unit Price

    The price of each item based on the Unit Cost and the markup. It is calculated automatically if you have a markup % set in your Organisation Settings > Cost > Markup %. However you can override the Markup % by specifying a different value in the Calculate Markup dialog, or by typing a value directly into the Unit Price field.


    Name of the supplier of the item. Select the supplier from the drop-down list or add a new supplier if required.


    A code number or characters that uniquely identifies the item – usually the supplier's reference code.

    The code can also be used to set a default description for use with new progress invoices for deposits (see Creating a default progress invoice description).

    All costs in the Cost Admin database should have a code value in this field. The code field is mandatory when you are importing costs, as WorkflowMax uses the code value to avoid creating duplicate items.


    Indicates if the item is to be included in invoices for billable work. Select the checkbox if you plan to bill for the item, leave it clear if it's not billable.


    Any information that you wish to display in the cost line for this item in quotes or invoices.

    Tax on Invoices, Quotes and Estimates

    Use this tax field only if the tax rate on this item is different from your default tax rate used on invoices, quotes and estimates. Select a tax rate from the drop-down list.

    Tax on Purchase Orders

    Use this tax field only if the tax rate on this item is different from the default tax rate used on purchase orders. Select a tax rate from the drop-down list.

    Xero Tracking (this section is available if you have ever connected your WorkflowMax account to Xero. If the connection is not currently active, the Category and Option drop-down lists will be empty. For details, see Xero (settings))

    Use this field to select a tracking category you have set up in Xero. You can have a maximum of two active tracking categories at any one time.

    For further details, see Xero GL account codes and tracking categories, and watch the following video:

    Advanced Xero integration (2 min 33 sec.).


    If you have selected a tracking category, you can use this field to choose the option you wish to track. For example, if the tracking category is the Sales Region, you might select Northern region. A tracking category can have as many options as you require.

    Interface Information
    Income Account

    Use this field to specify an income account that will be used instead of the default account.

    Cost of Sale Account

    Use this field to specify a cost of sale account that will be used instead of the default account.

  3. Save your changes.

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