Inviting a Client to Log in

Before you begin

It is possible to use a custom field to link to the client portal. This custom field allows your clients' contacts to log in to WorkflowMax to view progress on their jobs. Please use the Setting up the edit contact link instructions to set up the edit contact link.

Once the link is set up, you can use it to invite as many client contacts as you wish to log in to WorkflowMax.

Inviting a client contact to log in

To invite a client to log in to WorkflowMax:

  1. In the main menu, select the Clients > Contacts tab.
  2. On the Contacts tab, drill down on the name of the client that you wish to invite to log in.
  3. On the client information screen (Details tab), select Edit Contact Data.

    The Edit Contact Data link is available only once you have completed the Setting up the edit contact link instructions.

  4. On the Edit Contact screen, provide the following information, as required.
    Contact Name

    The full name of this contact person. For example: Catrina Foster


    Job role or position: Accounts Manager


    The name to follow 'Dear' at the start of a letter: Catrina


    The formal name used in templates for documents such as invoices: Ms C Foster


    Contact phone number including area code: (04) 123-4567


    Mobile number: (022) 234-5678

    Email Address

    Contact email address:

    You can specify the contact's email address when you first set up their contact information. Once you save their contact details, they can use the email address to log in to WorkflowMax. Once logged in, they can change their email address (see Editing your user name) but you cannot change it here.

  5. If you wish to invite the client contact to log in to WorkflowMax, select the Invite to Login? checkbox. Workflowmax will send an invitation to the contact's email address you specified above.
  6. Select the required level of security privileges for the contact.
  7. Save your changes.

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