Adding a Client Type

To add a client typeA client type is a named set of payment terms, used to ensure consistency across your client base. For example, you might set up two client types: Premium, with a markup rate of 30% and payment terms of by 20th of next month, and Standard, with a markup rate of 40% and payment terms of within 7 days. When you add a new client, you can then allocate Premium or Standard payment terms, as required.:

  1. In the Business menu, select Settings > Client Settings > Add Client Type.
  2. On the New Client Type dialog, provide the following information.

    A descriptive name for the client type, such as Premium, Standard, Regular.

    Markup %

    The default markup % applied to cost items added to jobs for clients of this type. The default markup % is set in your Organisation Settings > Cost > Markup %. However this client type markup % will override the default when adding a cost to a job or a quote.

    Payment Terms

    The time period in which payment is required.

    Day of the month / Days

    The day of month or number of days, depending on the value selected in Payment Terms.

  3. Save your changes.

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