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Gavin George November 21, 2014 Official WorkflowMax / Announcements

Welcome to WorkflowMax help and the temporary home of Xero Practice Manager help centre. 

WorkflowMax users will find dual instructions for some pathways in the help topics to support both the old UI and new UI users. You will also find video content taking you through the overall navigational changes. When the new UI goes live for everyone a new WorkflowMax help centre will also be ready to help you find your way around.

For new users - you will be on the new UI and will need to follow those instructions. 

FAQ New User Interface - WFM - Removed Features Overview

FAQ New User Interface - XPM - Removed Features Overview


Xero Practice Manager users - welcome! While the Xero Practice Manager help centre is undergoing a facelift the help content will also be hosted here. The WorkflowMax topics will support the functions which are common to both products such as adding jobs, clients, raising invoices and more. The Practice Manager help is specific to the features only available to you and written with accountants in mind. You will also find detailed help for NZ and AU tax.




Joanna Bellis March 18, 2011 Official WorkflowMax / Getting Started

So you've signed up, logged in, what next?

Below is a checklist covering the standard process of setting up and customising your system, getting your data into WorkflowMax from your previous systems, and entering jobs which may already be in progress.  It is not intended as a detailed guide, but a checklist to cover the implementation and migration process.

Furthermore, not every step is required so you may decide that some steps below do not apply to your business.


At the bottom of this page you can download a PDF 'Quick Start Guide' that covers off all of core areas of setup you need to go through.

Please refer to the documentation and tutorials for more in-depth information on any of these topics.

System set-up

  1. If using an integrated accounting system such as Xero complete the integration via Business > Settings > Add-ons (Old UI Admin >Interfaces)
  2. Import clients, contacts and suppliers either via a CSV or via the integrated accounting system
  3. Define tasks, job statuses, job categories
  4. Import costs/products/inventory items
  5. Set up Staff
  6. Set up any notifications, such as for new jobs, changes to job states, milestones and estimated vs actual threshold breaches
  7. Customise WorkflowMax - upload your logo, define your email settings, personalise your Invoice, Payment, Quote and Purchase Order details, customise your job and quote numbering (Business > Settings > Organisation Settings (Old UI Admin > Preferences) click Edit Number Sequences on the left)

Set up my jobs

You can import basic job data into WorkflowMax to get you up and running, but you will have to configure other details for each job. You can choose to only enter new jobs after your go-live date, and phase out your old jobs (ie run two systems during a cut-over period) or you can migrate your on-going jobs so you can go-live with all your jobs at a particular date.

  1. Select a date after which all new jobs should be entered directly into WorkflowMax (perhaps the start of a week or month to keep reporting tidy).  This is your "go-live" date
  2. Depending on the number of open jobs you have, select a date a week or two before your go-live date.  This will be your "migration" period.  All open jobs during this period can be entered into WorkflowMax, with an outstanding balance owed.  You can enter the timesheets and costs on the job if you want to be able to produce reports on these jobs, or just start with a single cost item showing the outstanding balance on the job.
  3. We don't advise entering historical data

Job Management Process

The Job Management process, including the optional Lead Manager module, is as follows:

  1. Create the Lead in the Lead Manager (Optional)
  2. Create a quote or estimate (Optional)
  3. Accept the quote from the Quote Manager menu, or mark the Lead as "Won" - this will create a job based on either the Lead or Quote, or "Lost" - no further action will be taken.  
  4. If there was no quote/estimate required simply go to the Job menu and click New Job.
  5. Once the job is created, you can schedule it, assign it to staff, change the status, add some milestones and monitor costs and progress on the job.  Raise a deposit on the quote if required.
  6. Create Purchase Orders for your cost items, and receipt the Purchase Orders as the goods and supplier invoices are delivered
  7. Create Progress Invoices throughout the life of the job, or a New [Final] Invoice on completion of the job
  8. Report and analysis of the financial and scheduling aspects of the job


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