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Latest Changes - 5th June 2012

Gavin George
posted this on May 30, 2012, 08:26


Approve Invoices Privilege

A new 'Approve Invoices' security privilege has been added to the Admin-Staff screen, Financial Privileges section. This will allow you to setup staff to create draft invoices (ie the 'Invoice' privilege) but not approve them (untick the 'Approve Invoices' privilege).


Option to Export Custom Templates to Word

Having created an invoice, quote, purchase order, job brief or statement using the Custom Templates functionality, when you now print it to PDF you have the option to Export it to Word and thus make any additional changes you desire prior to sending.



Create a Multi-Job invoice where the billing client is the same

When creating multiple jobs for different clients yet they have the same billing client you can now create a single invoice for all jobs via the Invoice-New Invoice option. When you select a client, all jobs for this client as well as all jobs where this client is also the 'billing client' will display allowing you to create a single invoice linking all jobs together. When the job is for a client that is not the main billing client being selected then the name of the client will display below the job, giving additional visibility over the jobs you are invoicing.


Staff Admin - Select All Privileges

When setting up and editing staff members there is a 'Full'  option on each group of privileges. Ticking the full checkbox will set all privileges for the staff member in this group of privileges. You will need to repeat this for each of the Admin and Financial groups.



Search Recurring Jobs

There is a new search field on the Recurring Jobs tab of the Job Manager. This will search through the client name, job name and job description fields of all recurring jobs.


Adding Costs to Quote/Estimate

A new button has been introduced when adding costs to a quote/estimate - "Save & Add" saves the entered cost and allows you to enter another cost immediately rather than returning you back to the quote screen.



Add a text placeholder for {Year+1} to a recurring job

Allowing you to setup jobs that begin in the current year, where the job name should display a future year eg. where you setup a recurring job in the year 2012 with the name Annual Accounts Year End {Year+1}, this would result in the job name being Annual Accounts Year End 2013.


Days to Complete a Job - PRACTICE MANAGER ONLY

A new field has been added to the Report Builder "Days to Complete" this is calculated as "Completed Date" less "Job Start Date".


Allow Staff Not Assigned to a Job to Input Time on it - PRACTICE MANAGER ONLY

You no longer need to be assigned to a job in order to input time sheet entries against it. If you click on the Job itself then click the Timesheets tab, you will be able to write time against any job. 


Job Financial Summary Report - PRACTICE MANAGER ONLY

If the Practice Management module is enabled then the job financial summary report will only print the Profit and Write On/Off lines if the job has been completed.


On Hold Jobs no longer appear in Staff Allocation view

When a job is marked with an 'On Hold' status then the time allocated to each staff member is removed from the Staff Allocation view of the Job Manager.


Add Lead Templates to existing Leads

Just like with Quotes you now have via the 'Options' button on the left hand side of a Lead, the ability to 'Apply Additional Templates' to the lead. So if you have forgotten to use a template when setting up new lead or you have imported a bunch of leads and then want to apply a template to it, you can.



Delete Lead Privilege

A new user privilege to exclude staff from deleting leads has been added to the Admin-Staff, Financial Privileges section 


Job Financial Summary Privilege

A new privilege to exclude staff from printing the Job Financial summary has been added to the Admin-Staff, General Privileges section. 


Add Job Manager to Custom PO's and Invoices

A new {Manager} field has been made available for PO's and Invoices allowing you to specify the Job Manager on any custom PO's and Invoices.


Adding Costs to Job Folder

Now in the manage folder view, when adding costs into the job folder you have visibility of the cost notes.